My “To Do” List

An evolving list of fantasies I’d like to make realities:

Learn to knit something other than a pot holder or scarf purl properly.

Summit Mt. St. Helens.

Swim with dolphins, location to be determined

Swim with manatees in Florida

Spend time with an elephant (investigating humane issues with riding one).

Visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park (

Kiss a stranger

Get my passport.

Travel to a foreign country: alone, with a close friend, with significant other

• Thailand
• Costa Rica (so I have stories of my own), Chile
• Cuba
• Czech Republic
• Mexico
• India• Ireland
• Japan
• Taiwan; Taipei

Be suspended so I can “fly”

Consider hang gliding (I have a feeling it would be really awesome, or not… probably not a grey area thing)

Learn to cook something from a “little old Asian lady” in her country of origin

Spend one month to one season living in an Ashram

Spend six months to two years living in another country on another continent

Learn, and speak fluently, another language

Brush up on my ASL, regain fluency

Watch Mardi Gras/Carnival in a place known for the celebration

  • Not Rio or New Orleans

Eat something I can not identify (not in a heavily processed way), or probably pronounce.

Make homemade tortillas with my new press

Taste more beers

  • Figure out my taste in beer more accurately (Mass American Lager is not my thing)

Taste more wines

  • Accurately, consistently pronounce Gewurztraminer

Listen to more music

Learn to dance (more formally)

Para-sailing with Tera


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