“It’s a Beautiful Day”

Softly singing to myself, I pranced through the darkened parking lot toward the grocery store one night after work. I pass a white work van, with a very large black guy looking out the window. He asks, looking kind of concerned “You okay? You need help? Wanna talk about it?” Giving him the ‘you’re nuts’ look back, I utter “nope” and continue on my bouncy way.  Once inside, I continue to my shopping, when it occurs me he probably thought I was talking to myself and in need of professional help. And though he was the large black guy in the windowless van, he was probably the one that was kind of afraid. And I laugh.

For the record, I was singing Michael Bublé’s “It’s a Beautiful Day”. Okay, so they’re may have been some hand gesturing (how could I not, given the song). It was likely louder than believed. It happens; I was in my own beautiful space.


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