Too Much For One Button

Eureka! I believe I’ve stumbled upon what my client likes to eat. Awesome! What does it entail? Rich sauces cascaded over a beds of starchy goodness, ie “Italian” food (the Americanized version of which noodles, oil or butter, and cheese are the foundation on which these plates are built *drool*), seafood of most any variety (I too have yet to meet a fish I didn’t like), and chocolate. All of which, naturally, are *DELICIOUS*! It thrills me to finally see him clear his plate, AND ask for seconds. Thus far it has been my pleasure to share and indulge in my kitchen capers.
Then it happened. Today, I was assisting him, leaned forward, and my pants broke. The button bailed from it’s seemly secure home, and the both of us watched it sail to the floor.
Coincidence, perhaps. They were not the best fit to begin with.However, I can not take that chance. It’s becoming clear eight flights of stairs are not nearly enough. The dog and I must expand our afternoon route. I must find a swim suit and start swimming in the (not as stated) heated outdoor pool. I must endure the February, March, April … chill outside (and hope when the middle of July comes, that summer has indeed arrived, you know, on time). I must select a cardiologist.
The good news: asparagus is on the win list too.


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