My favorite word: “fuck”, by far. It is probably on my most verbally used words list. I love using fuck alone. I love fuck word combinations. Absofuckinglutely love adding it to other words too.

I love what it is. I love what it stands for. Fuck yeah. I love that it’s a verb and a noun; that it is an exclamation, no apostrophe needed.

I love the way it feels flying from my mouth, the F causing my teeth to nab my bottom lip, U opening my jaw and lips in a somewhat tempting way, allowing for clucking “k”, who just might gather spit.

I am fairly sure part of my adoration for “fuck” is that it is not at all lady like. Fuck is harsh, rough, and intrusive, even when whispered. Fuck is informal, a word of the masses. And it is probably far older than its written usage suggests, since it a word for the tongue and not the page. Fuck is vaguely sexy, raw, and unapologetic. Fuck is a passionate word.

The use of less loutish terms could be used to express myself, but “copulate you” is clumsy, not succinct. “Fuck you”; now that’s clarity. Others chide the use of vulgarity, because it is rude or sounds “uneducated”. There seems to be research that denies that use of foul language is the actually linked to education or intelligence. So I’ll skip the shame, “fuck off”, and continue with my day.

There is a rainbow of vulgar words to choose from, yet I find myself deeply favoring “fuck”. I am sure psychology majors and philosophers everywhere could denote why. I know there is plenty of research going on to figure it out. But fuck that, I’ve got my own theories.


2 thoughts on “Fuck

  1. This is one of my favorite posts but then I think that about every post! Seriously, when I see my email notification of a new entry I’m like “yay, I wonder what we have today” they always leave me laughing, pondering, or even just smiling!

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