Kiss Me

Kiss me

Kiss me soft, gentle, sweet

Kiss me playful, quick, joyful

Kiss me deep, slow, passionate

Kiss me like you mean it

Kiss me like nobody’s looking

Hold my face, move my head just so, and kiss me

Run your fingers through, then tug my hair, and kiss me

Brace me in your arms, and kiss me

Pin me against the wall, and kiss me

Kiss my forehead, my cheek

Kiss my lips

Kiss my ears, my neck

Kiss my everything

Until time seems to stop, kiss me

Until the world and reality fade away, kiss me

Until I can not see straight, let alone think straight, kiss me

Until I am out of my head, out of my own way, kiss me

Shut up and kiss me

Kiss me under the threshold

Kiss me under the mistletoe

Kiss me under the covers

Kiss me under the stars

When I come, kiss me

Before we part, kiss me

For a second (or third, or fourth) time, kiss me

So I cannot forget the last time, kiss me

Kiss me because it’s my birthday

Kiss me because I had a bad day

Kiss me because it’s Wednesday

Kiss me every day

Never stop kissing me


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