Love Is…

A free tow and mechanical advise.

“Can you clean for me on Friday?” knowing I could use the cash.

Letting me know “I have no doubt you’ll make it, your own way.”

Nagging me, again, about my choices… ending with “well, you know.” (because I know you mean well).

The exchange of knowing glances, and holding back laughter.

A rose quilt.

Liking my fucking random Facebook posts.

Giving me my space, room to process, but never leaving me alone.

“Good Morning”, in any applicable format, especially knowing I am a “bear” before my coffee.

A couch, and clean sheets.

Watching television way later than intended.

Iced Vanilla Lattes.

“Field trips”, standing or sitting in lines, and ice cream.

Babysitting me when I have chosen to forget reason and moderation, and changing me into a clean shirt.

Quiet togetherness.

Asking for advice, even if we don’t follow through.


Game nights.

Asking where the heck I am.

Cartoons with the “kids”.

Reminding me not to run with scissors.

Coming to the door, not just having me leave the book on the porch, even though you were already in bed.

Answering calls before dawn, on a Saturday, and coming right over when all you can hear is crying on the other end.

The comforting chest that allows all the caged chaos to release, and not caring that there is snot all over.

“Let’s order in honey”

Listening to me, frustrated, confused, and ANGRY, and letting me know that anger is not only reasonable, but acceptable.

Foot care, of any kind, for free.

Being willing to sit through any part of Twilight with you despite personal feelings on the franchise. You know, if you pay for the ticket. *GRIN*

An invite to your table, especially if I don’t have to cook.

It has been one heck of a year… but I have no doubt I am loved. And I am thankful, every day.


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