Just Another Monday

Just another Monday in Wonderland

Stuck in the right lane

Which happened to the wrong one

Trying to get “home”

Whatever that is

I don’t want to think about thinking

Luckily the steering wheel has an airbag

This no longer retains any logic

All the intentions have fallen away

But I don’t recall this view of Seattle

The water, the skyline, the buildings, the pier

All seem a bit different

Highlighted by misty twilight

“When everyone is beautiful”

3 days 19 hours and 6 minutes

If I were to believe my GPS

Or was actually in Canadian tundra

Ethereal, electronic and blues

Of Fiona, Tory, and Amy

Soothing, melancholy, enduring


And then he kissed me

Softly, intently, passionately

Swallowing me in want

Even my denial has it’s limits

It’s just a bolt

An easy fix

I’m so sick of tears

But after so much opposition

All so built up now

Logic can’t win this one

Or remove me from this seat


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