Costco and the Single Girl

For the most part, I’m genuinely happy being single/by myself in my ventures. I go movies and restaurants on my own, have “girl” time, alone time, and there is no competing for the remote or bedding. (And they’ll be no one asking/criticizing if I choose buy new boots , on sale of course!). Currently I enjoy a sense of freedom and autonomy like never before. I do as I please, and I love it.

I won’t lie, there are times it’s hard. Usually, I’m aware of circumstances and situations that will point out my “singleness”, such as dinner with blissfully married friends or family events, et cetera. I come prepared, knowing at some point I’ll be saying “yep, I’m single”.

But then, there are times when it strikes out of the blue. Like standing for who knows how long in line at Costco, during pre holiday hub bub, and finally getting near the register, only to realize I’ve forgotten the thing I came for. Drat! There’s no “honey could you” available.

Oh well. Suddenly Grandma having a groaning grandchild in tow on shopping trips finally makes sense. If only to gopher coffee *laugh*.


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