Before “What it will look like”

“My picker is broken” (I pick the wrong men) I lamented to another. I was once again seeing “That Girl” in the mirror.

“What do you want?” she asked. “A partner” I quickly replied… I had a few things of the top of my head. But really, I wasn’t quite sure what to say.

But she did: “What does he look like, what will [the relationship] look like?”

She advised, she had written a list, and now, a few years later, has a relationship that is strikingly similar to that list. When I see them, I think “this is the REAL thing”.

It wasn’t that I had never thought about it, I certainly have. Yet, never before had I really took thought and time, on my own, to write out a list.

And so, with hope and a pen, I began.

This is not written to seek, but to create  an awareness, for when it crosses my path.


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