That Girl

My Dearest Infatuation,
I realize that you have no desire accept my assistance, let alone make any changes to yourself. And why would you? You have a multitude of admirers, and generate envy. Your self-confidence cannot be shook. Both strong and handsome, yet you’re modest. Life is great. Perfect just the way it is… right?
I accept that you will never be in love with me. And we can be friends, sometimes seemingly the “best” of them, but you really just aren’t into me like that. Or feel responsibility for my feelings; be they adoration, desire, discontent, pain, or otherwise. My apologies, I never should have left them unattended.
Going forward, I intend to dismiss your advances. Please, don’t feel snubbed or mistake me for cold hearted. I still have fond memories of time together. And, please, understand that my distance is not easy. Weakness will be alluring. But in time, I feel that everyone will agree it was for the best.
I have found new outlets to pursue and engage myself. No longer will I accept being second, or third, or wherever you feel you can squeeze me in. I will do my best to embrace myself. And find others who know how awesome I am, and treat me in a manner that reflects this.
I know you don’t burden yourself with concern for me, but I am okay. And it’s okay to just be “okay” right now. I am looking to begin a treacherous journey. I will surely stumble, scrape up my knee, and possibly break something. In the end I know I will learn to not only survive, but thrive in this existence. There has been a longing to end the starvation; and for my hunger to be sated. And I aim be cautious, not entrench myself in gluttony. I hope to continue to lavish in the joys and pains that make up this life, but never allow them to consume me.
I thank you for the lessons you have offered. I just feel it’s time to change courses. No hard feelings, really.
No longer yours truly,
That Girl


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